Mountainwasher is a compact, self-contained power washer, with its own watertank, hose, and spray gun. Powered from your vehicle's12V power outlet; keep Mountainwasher in your car, truck, or SUV. Just fill it with water and go!
Portable Pressure Washer: Washes away,mud, sand, salt, dust, and dirt. Keep your expensive gear in top performing condition!
Practical applications include:
Keep that ride clean! Wash your muddy bike right aftyer your epic trail ride and its ready to go back in the car and home clean. The Mountainwasher's low preseeure blasts away mud but won't affect seals or paint.
Apartment Living
No where to wash your gear at home? Problem solved! Take Mountainwasher with you and clean your stuff on the road.
Car Camping
The great outdoors! Use the shower-head attachment to give yourself a refreshing shower and the spray gun to keep your gear clean around the campsite
Mountainwasher is not only for land based sports After a great day on the waves, don't wait around to use the one and only hose. Rinse the salt water from your machine and you're on your way.
Windsurfing and Kiteboarding
Your windsurfing and kite boarding performance largely depends upon the quality of your kit. Keeping your board and sail spotless and free from dirt is the first step in maintenance and key to extending their life.
Dirty Dawgs
Use the low pressure shower head attachment to wash your trail buddy down on those muddy fall and winter days and keep them cool in the summer heat.