You’ve come to the right place for all the answers to all your frequently asked questions. Everything from how to clean your MountainWasher, to Warranty Information to: “What does this mean?” and “What is that?”.  


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What can I use Mountainwasher for?

Use it to clean almost anything! Use it to wash mountain bikes, muddy boots, jet-skis, windsurfers, use the portable showerhead attachment for camping, cleaning sandy toes! The list is endless.


Will it cause my vehicle battery to go flat?

Mountainwasher has a very low current draw that is not likely to drain your battery in regular use. If you have any concern about your vehicle’s battery capacity, simply run the engine while using the washer.



Can I run Mountainwasher from a 110v power supply?

Yes, we have 110v to 12v adapters in the store.


Does the Mountainwasher have any warranty or after sales support?

Yes! Mountainwasher comes with a 1 year warranty, return policy, spare parts availability and repair services. See terms and conditions page.




How long does a full tank of water last?

On continuous spray, the washer will provide 10 minutes of operation before needing a refill.




Can I use it to spray other liquids?

No. The unit is designed for water only. Using other liquids will void the warranty.




What’s the life span of this washer?

The pump and motor are designed for 15,000 cycles, so you should get many years of use!




How much pressure does the pump provide?

30-130 PSI. Works best when used right after your activity to wash away wet mud, dirt, dust and salt water.




I want to buy more than one; is there a discount?

Absolutely, please use the contact form to inquire




Dealer opportunities?

Please drop us a line!




Does it come with all the accessories?

Yes, each Mountainwasher comes complete, ready to use with instruction manual, hose, spray gun, power cord, brush head and showerhead attachments



Are payments secure?

Yes, we trust and use Shopify and PayPal for all transactions



What currency is listed on the website?



I'm in Canada. Can I buy in CDN$?

Yes, please contact us for Canadian pricing. We accept PayPal transactions.


Are shipping costs, duties and taxes included?

During the checkout you will be advised of total costs before processing. Cross border duties may apply.


Is my personal information safe?

Yes, Mountainwasher will only contact you in response to inquiries and if opted in to our email contact list to receive periodic product info. Mountainwasher will retain your contact info in case of warranty and after sales support.


Portable Pressure Washer: washes away mud, sand, salt, dust and dirt